Evaluation of the CTU by an International Evaluation Panel, December 2020
Materials available for International Evaluation Panel members

This page is jointly created and kept by CTU management and Academic senate in order to provide transparent and complete information about the evaluation process, both ouside to the Ministery of Education, Youth and Sports and inside to CTU Academic Community. Materials have been collected and organized by Václav Hlaváč (CTU Academic Senate member; He chairs KRK commission)) and Zbyněk Škvor (CTU vice-rector).

After investing a lot of efforts into evaluation process, we can learn a lot from this independent feedback. Can we afford to miss this oportunity?

# CTU part Overall assessment Self-evaluation Presentations Additional information
0 Cover page N/A 00TitlePage.pdf N/A---
1 Faculty of Civil Engineering 5 - Excellent 01M3-FSv.pdf F1-FSv FCE comments
2 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 5 - Excellent 02M3-FS.pdf F2-FS FME comments
3 Faculty of Electrical Engineering 5 - Excellent 03M3-FEL.pdf F3-FEL; Quartiles IF Journal papers FEE comments
4 Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering 5 - Excellent 04M3-FJFI.pdf Presentation FNSPE comments
5 Faculty of Architecture 4 - Very good 05M3-FA.pdf Presentation FA comments
6 Faculty of Transportation Sciences 4 - Very good 06M3-FD.pdf F6-FD FTS comments
7 Faculty of Biomedical Engineering 4 - Very good 07M3-FBMI.pdf F7-FBMI FBME comments
8 Faculty of Information Technologies 3- Good 08M3-FIT.pdf F8-FIT FIT comments
9 Klokner Institute 3- Good 09M3-KU.pdf KU Klokner Institute comments
10 Masaryk Institute 1 - Below awerage 10M3-MUVS.pdf MU (addendum) MIAS comments
11 UCEEB 4 - Very good 11M3-UCEEB.pdf Presentation ---
12 CIIRC 5 - Excellent 12M3 CIIRC.pdf CIIRC CIIRC comments
13 UTEF 4 - Very good 13M3-UTEF.pdf IEAP IEAP comments
14 CTU as a whole module 4: 5 - Excellent
module 5: 5 - Excellent
14WholeCTU-M4-M5.pdf Self-Evaluation report in modules 4 and 5 CTU H2020 Funding analysis Rector´s Comments
15 CTU as a whole N/A 15SWOT-CTU.pdf CTU SWOT analysis Impact factor and citation analysis 2017-2019 ---
16 CTU as a whole N/A 16Supplement2SER-form-1.pdf Supplement 2 to the self-evaluation report CTU Research highlights; CTU Yesterday, Today, Tommorow ---

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